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Laundry Services

All garments which are received for our full laundry service are individually pre-inspected and laundered as per the care label instructions and completed with our full ironing process.

Shirt Laundry

Perfection is a must when it comes to a shirt. Laundered on a specific tailored programme, to ensure the area’s most prone to dirt are eliminated. Followed by a visit to the shirt machine, allowing for a consistent unfaltering finish to all shirts. Shirts can be returned to yourself on a hanger or folded precisely for travel or storage.

Bedding Laundry

Crisp, pressed bedding on your bed. There is no better feeling! A full laundry service is imperative for those busy households, unexpected guest bedrooms or for the rental venture which requires perfection. All pieces are laundered and pressed and returned ready for a quality night’s sleep.

Sailing Gear

A professional full laundry and waterproof service available for those one of sailing jackets, to a full team of Wet Weather Sailing Gear.

Wash, Dry & Fold

Mirroring that of your Washing Machine process at home, this economical approach supports the broken down washing machines, the full washing baskets or the need for a little domestic help. All items are washed together on a 40-degree laundry programme, tumble dried and folded aptly for return.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all pieces can be processed on a 40 degree laundry cycle and tumble dried. Pressing Needs accepts no responsibility for any results which go against these instruction.

Duvet Laundry

We do do duvets! There is no incentive needed knowing that every night we sweat at least 200ml of liquid into our bedding. Team this with the house dust mites and skin particles, you can understand why the regular professional cleaning of your duvet and pillows has never been so important. Laundered on a specific duvet programme and then returned in a breathable duvet bag, suitable for storage until the next season.

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