wash and we iron!

Drop off points in Park Gate & Stubbington Fareham

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The original starting point for our business back in 1989, the ironing service remains very popular for the old, young, singles, couples and families alike.

With an easy and simple pricing structure, per kilo in half kilo increments (excluding bedding where a price per item applies as it weighs heavy), you simply wash and dry and we weigh and iron!

Using professional equipment, all our ironing is hand finished for maximum accuracy and of course, sharp creases where appropriate. The ironing service can be used weekly, fortnightly or simply on an adhoc basis as and when – perhaps to complete the end of an enjoyable holiday or as an occasional treat.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that someone can do the ironing just how you would like it, or even as well as you would do it yourself....prepare to be convinced!  We are good and we certainly have masses of experience. 


A perfect pile of polo shirts.....



We have been told in the past that our Pressing Needs ironing service is definitely a way of buying back much needed quality time in a busy life style!


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