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Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer a shoe repair service.  We have been very proud to work for many years with the high quality of service provided by Carlton Shoes Repairs and in December 2017 they will be retiring.


The world of dry cleaning is changing and absolutely for the better!  

Wet cleaning is a water based cleaning process which is perfect for more of todays type of staining...particularly water based stains, including drink spillages, mud, perspiration etc etc.  It is a much gentler process using chemicals that are kinder to the environment and do not require professional disposal using a hazardous waste company.  

We are delighted that we can comprehensively offer this process and without dout will enhance and further improve the results that we can achieve with our cleaning.

This process is yet to be fully acknowledged by clothing/furnishing manufacturers, but leading the way, Hugo Boss have recognised and acknowledge the existence of this process...their garment care label now bears the symbol "W" in a circle as opposed to the more familiar "P"  We are sure that soon many more will follow.


What is the best way for me to pay for my order if it has been delivered on the van??

Thank You to Dan for this....completely failed to previously include this in our website!  You can use the traditional method of cash or cheque at the door but being honest, it is not ideal for a number of reasons.  The most convenient method for us all, is debit/credit card payment.  We operate a PCI compliant system and once we have your card details (just the long card number and the expiry date) the card will automatically be debited following your delivery!   The only time we need to then contact you is when the card expires.



YES YES YES - as of April 2014 we certainly do - call us for more details - £25.00 per pair plus post and packing if required



We certainly do "do duvets"!  Whether filled with feather and down or polyester/hollow fibre - single, double, kingsize or superking.  This is a traditional washing machine type of process in a large capacity machine followed by an intensive drying and airing.  Returned in a re-useable storage bag this is a perfect process to rejuvenate tired duvets, assist in the elmination of allergies and sharing your bed with thousands of unwanted guests!!!  Prices start from £15.25 for a single polyester to £25.50 for a double or kingsize feather.


What is Dry Cleaning?

Asked on many occasions “What is dry cleaning?”   A simple explanation is to liken the process to that of a washer dryer, but instead of water a chemical is used for the cleaning process.  However, it is actually a much more complex and professional procedure where expertise is essential for successful stain removal and quality of final pressing to ensure high standards of success are attained.  


If you have any questions relating to clothing care whether it is about dry cleaning or laundry, or would like any guidance about something relating to clothing care, then please contact us


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